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Nanobubble Solutions Limited is a UK registered business which designs systems and assists in the application and supply of the new nanobubble generation system created by Satoshi Anzai in Japan. Mr Anzai's unique ceramic technology has been available in Japan for some time and is now being marketed further afield by this UK company of which Mr Anzai is a director. Tony Humphreys is in day-to-day charge of the business, along with Akifumi Takagi who has experience of bridging Japanese and European markets.

in demand

A wealth of positive scientific research and a growing global awareness of the full potential of nanobubbles has resulted in a constant stream of enquiries from companies and experts around the world wanting to discover, test and/or apply nanobubble technology.


Without any marketing to North America or Europe to date, many universities, scientists and companies have discovered this new technology by looking for solutions to their problems and locating a short (English language) News report on his invention, produced and broadcast by Japanese public service broadcaster NHK in 2013.

current activities

Nanobubble Solutions Limited currently operates in these countries and regions ...
WESTERN EUROPE ~ UK, Germany, Spain, Holland
NORTH & EAST EUROPE ~ Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Eastern Europe
AMERICA ~ USA, Canada and South America
OTHER REGIONS ~ Australia and India
... offering solutions in these main areas ...
water cleaning ~ lakes, aquariums, swimming pools, waste water
agriculture ~ irrigation, food supplements, fish farming, hydroponics
sterilisation ~ public spaces, animal process plants
beauty ~ bath and shower treatments, pharmaceutical creams
ferric leaching ~ copper industry

find out more

You can read more about the technical aspects of our technology on our technical page and find out more about how it is being used on our applications page. If you are a business interested in exploring our technology then please contact us.
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